How to rename the downloaded pdf file?

Hi All,

After downloading the pdf file I need to rename the file.

I.e. the default name of the downloaded file is:

for each download the numerical values may differ but the alphabetic remains same.
I need to change the file name from “pd-pd-20220201-20220211-767000414070-H-SCHEDULE-ALL” to “HealthPlanDescription”

Please guide me on this.


Hi @HeartCatcher
Hoping at a time there will be only one file with -H-SCHEDULE-ALL format

you use files=Directory.GetFiles(path,"(asterik star)-H-SCHEDULE-ALL(asterik star).pdf")

files(0) will give you the file path
and you can use move file activity for renaming

How to select only pdf files from the folder??


By this,you will get only pdf files

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i have edited the above reply

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