How to remove headers of a datatable

I have a database table.
what i want to do is that fetch data from one table in the database and then put the data in another table in the same database.
I don’ want the headers of the first table because when i am using for each row activity perhaps it is also taking the headers as well.
any suggestion to remove the headers from a datatable please

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If you identify them as headers, for each row shouldnt take them.
If you are reading from csv or excel, make sure you specify to include headers.

Otherwise, remove data row activity with row index 0


Thank you so much @TimK

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Fine may i know why we use FOR EACH ROW loop here to insert a datatable obtained from a DATABASE and insert that into another table of same DATABASE

rather we can use INSERT activity from uipath.database.activities (go to → design tab → manage packages → in official tab search this package uipath.database.activity and install it)
as in this activity we can pass the input as datatable and database table where we need to pass the datatable data

–but make sure that we need to have similar columns between database table and datatable that we send as input

i hope we dont need here for each row loop as we can INSERT activity

simple isnt it
hope this would help you

Cheers @diptojyotidutta

hi @Palaniyappan
i am using Invoke code activity after data scrapping so as to make the column headers of that datatable, which i am sacrapping from the web, same as that of my database table.
Now there are 2 columns which have multiple data.
For example:- Name of the column is “Doc No. & Date” and i want to split the data into two in my database table for which i have made two columns named “DocNo” and “DateOfDocNo” respectively.
Also i am using for each activity because i am getting that datatable against one “Bill no.” and there are many “Bill nos”. So i am getting a datatable for each “Bill no”.

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