How to register for Weekly RPA Q&A Webinar


Anyone can help me with the registration process for Weekly RPA Q&A Webinar.
Is the link shared through emails?

Yep it will be communicated via mail as well as
@Roxana_Stratila will be sharing registration link on RPA Q&A Webinar - #3 by Roxana_Stratila section.

Hello Arpan,

Thank you for your interest, we already shared the link on the Webinar topic. Including it here as well :slight_smile: :Training not available

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Thank you for sharing the link.
@Roxana_Stratila, let me know where to look for the link from next time.

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Arpan Sur

Hello Arpan,

You can enroll in the webinar directly from the Academy platform each time we have a Q&A webinar (biweekly)


Hello Roxana,
I am trying to subscribe to the Q&A Webinar using the academy page, but to no avail. Could you provide the information on the upcoming Q&A webinar and if there is an alternate way of enrolling, if not from the Acadamy page? Thanks in advance.


Here is the registration link for next week’s webinar: Training not available

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Thanks, Roxana

Hello Roxana,

I missed the last Q&A session held two weeks ago.
Is there one being held this Wednesday? if yes, can you provide the link?


A webinar session will take place next Wednesday at 3pm EET. I will post the details soon.

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Thanks, Roxana

Hello Roxana,

If Time zone is included it will be good to understand.


Do I need to click “Subscribe” button to get the Time Zone?

Hi @thiyagarajanb,

It is 3PM EEST. Please follow this topic for more information regarding Biweekly webinars :
Also our platform automatically converts the time and displays as per the candidate’s time zone. Thus, whatever time you see is as per IST :slight_smile:

Hope this was helpful :hugs:


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