How to refresh password in

hello i’m pretty sure that my credentials are valid but when i try to sign in to orchestrator i get response “invalid credentials”

my question is; even if i accept my credentials to be invalid, whats the way to change the password?

I couldnt find any option about that.

Would be glad if you could help.

Buddy which orchestrator version and edition you are using buddy

actually i dont know that does it really matter?
if we need that please tell me how to know it :slight_smile:
today in the morning i signed in with the username and pwd which cookies save.

now with the same credentials i cant sign in.

No worries buddy
are you using
Cheers @mtalhabalci

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I think tenant name is default is there.
Click change it and enter your tenant name and credentials. It will work.

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you are great.

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