How to Reference Process Baselines from Scratch?

Hello - I have this ROI formula I’ve edited/copy and pasted from OOTB:

(SUM([QueueId], DUPCOUNT([QueueId]) * ALL([@Process Baselines.Manual Time(mins)]))/60) * all([@Process Baselines.Hourly Cost])

If I start from scratch… and create and input widget… how do I reference this in the code>?’
ALL([@Process Baselines.Manual Time(mins)
all([@Process Baselines.Hourly Cost])

They do not show up in the data explorer… I have no clue how to reference this to get the Time and $ Savings. Please advise.

Hi Ron, to incorporate a custom column from an input widget, please take a look at the document here: About Widgets in the Input Widget section. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey Aaron - thanks for your response. Just for some additional context, I’m currently using the Older Version of Insights (On-Prem/Sisense) and the OOTB ROI dashboard comes with the process baseline table which is linked to the jobs table.

I wanted to only use Queue Transactions instead, so I edited the input widget, put QueueID, and QueueName in, and then had the same two columns (Manual Minutes and Cost)… When I’m on the formula and I hover over the referenced column, it still says that it is linked to the Jobs table. Is there any way to change the schema so its linked to the queueitems table?

Also - the link that you provided brought me to a 404 error page. I’d appreciate any help you could provide here. Thank you.

Oh okay got it, and please try the link here for the input widget instructions: About Widgets

In your example, you can follow the instructions on the doc above, that first ask you to use the QueueID and then rename to the name of your custom column in the Input Widget.

Also, have you taken a look at the Queues dashboard in the marketplace here: UiPath Insights ROI Dashboard - Queues - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace