How can I reference one Process Baselines from multiple dashboards?

Hello anyone,

I’m using Insights on premise version 2020.4.
I’ve built a custom dashboard and I’m trying to use the data from de Input-widget “Process Baselines” from the standard Business ROI dashboard.

I’ve duplicated the Business ROI dashboard and entered the values for all my processes in the Process Baselines and in the ROI dashboard itself I’m able to show those values with the formula All([@Process Baselines.Manual Time(mins)]) . But when I’m trying to reference the data in my custom dashboard the formula seems OK and the “[@Process Baselines.Manual Time(mins)]” part is blue, which also suggests that it’s OK. However on the dashboard it shows “Error translating query (source:)…”.
When I copy the Input-widget “Process Baselines” from the Business ROI dashboard to my custom dashboard the data from the Process Baselines IS shown, so the problem is not with the formula but with the fact that I can’t reference tot the Process Baselines in the Business ROI dashboard from my custom dashboard.

Does anyone know a way to use one “Process Baselines” that can be referenced from multiple dashboards?

Thanks in advance for your answer.