My ROI foruma is not working in aggregate.. only works when filtering on 1 Queue Name.. what am I doing wrong here?

Hi all - I am calculating hours given back to the business, then multiplying it by the hourly cost baseline like shown:

(SUM([QueueId], DUPCOUNT([QueueId]) * ALL([@Process Baselines.Manual Time(mins)]))/60) * all([@Process Baselines.Hourly Cost])

When I just use this: (SUM([QueueId], DUPCOUNT([QueueId]) * ALL([@Process Baselines.Manual Time(mins)]))/60), I get the total hours given back to the business based on successful transactions and manual process baselines… this works completely fine.

But when I try to multiply it by: * all([@Process Baselines.Hourly Cost]) … it won’t work in aggregate. If it was just for 1 queue name (filtered), then it works fine…

And just to be clear, this isn’t the new Insights with Looker. This is the older one. Anyone know how to work around this?

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Hi @Ron_Gazaryan, this will be the case if you are using fields from a custom queue table instead of the main queue table, as the custom tables are not joined to the main schema. Just swap out your fields for the ones in the main tables and that should help!

Thanks for the response, Michelle. I tried to do that exact same thing. Instead of having the ProcessID/ProcessName in the Input Widget, I replace them with the QueueName and QueueID.Baseline

I’m attaching 2 pictures - one of them is what the input widget now looks like when I changed it. The second picture is the formula that is not working correctly. When I hover over the baselines reference, it still shows that its linked/coming from the Jobs table, instead of the queueitems table… Any idea how I can solve this? Most clients try to measure ROI via transactions instead of process runs. Would appreciate any help.

Hi Ron, how did you bring the Manual Time column into the formula? Did you follow the steps on this document here: About Widgets in the Input Widget section? The first step is captured below:

Use the ALL function with the first field defined in the Input widget. For example, ALL([<QueueID>] for your case instead of using the ProcessID field and you then can rename the field to your custom column!