Get outlook mail message, ‘Top’ in Options

Hi All,
Trying to add any bigger number than ‘30’ to ‘Top’ (Options) in Properties of Activity ‘Get Outlook Mail Messages’. Implementation brings an error.
Please advise how I can run through the whole Inbox or at least add more than 30 emails to this activity.
The solution from Get outlook mail message, 'top' filter didn’t help.


Hi @yuliane,

Give the number that you want to extract in Top field as Int32 variable.

Hope giving 0 will read all messages in the email folder.

Hi Senthilkumar55,
Thank you. Tried to add a new Variable ‘40’ as Int32 - doesn’t work.
Tried to give 0 - doesn’t work.

If -1 nor 0 nor 40 work - does an amount lower than 30 work? Let’s say 20?

Also please show us the error that occurs.

Yes, 20 works.
Here is the error:
Get Outlook Mail Messages: The operation has timed out.

Have you set a value in the TimeoutMS setting for the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity?

Hi OpalSnow,
I set now 30000 in the TimeoutMS setting. Didn’t help - the same error.

did any one solve this issue as i am facing the same issue while get a huge numbers of mails from email public folder get the same error “Operation time out” however if i select only to get first 30 or 40 mails it work normally


I was able to run through 100 emails by increasing the TimeoutMS to 240000.