How to read unread mails in gmail


I’m trying to find the unread mail in Inbox
Please explain in process

I tried it, but i’m getting invalid credentials as error.

Yah that’s possible with this GET IMAP MAIL activity
Ensure that this property OnlyUnreadMessages is enabled in the property panel
And also enable IMAP Settings in the gmail
As per this document

Hope this would help you
Cheers @sudhasagar

Please check if the credentials you are providing for the activity are correct or any changes needs to be done on the mail settings @sudhasagar. As per the error in the screenshot, you need to check the above two points

Credentials are right

@sudhasagar, this is happening because of google security. please follow below steps.

  1. Open gmail > Goto settings (on right hand side in Inbox)
  2. Goto Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  3. Enable IMAP

If you have enabled 2-step security verification then you would need to generate App password. ( and use this password in UiPath.


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Were gmail settings were enabled as mentioned

Cheers @sudhasagar

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