Getting error like invalid credentials when trying to reading inbox or sending mail from my gmail account(imap/smtp)

Hi Guys,

I am new to UIPath and learning the level 1 course. In level one course there a chapter on Email(Chapter-11) and when I was practising the exercise (1 and 2). I was not able to either Send any mail from my Gmail account using both SMTP/IMAP or read mail from the inbox getting an error like

at the time of reading the Inbox

***Email ID and Password both are correct


at the time of sending mail

Main.xaml (9.7 KB)

try this attached file make sure to replace the value of username and password with yours

Hi @Jay_Kumar,
The only reason for your issue is Incorrect Passwrd or Username.Pass the correct credentials it will surely work.

Thanks Ali.
But it is also throwing me the same error, invalid credentials. Is there any kind of settings that I have to do in my system, If yes, Please let me know?

Hi @Chetan94k,

Buddy earlier I also thought same, so i tried to use same credentials to log in my gmail account from browser(after logout, obliviously) and it is working. So credential is probably not wrong. Is there any kind of setting that i need to do in my system, if yes Please let me know?

In ur gmail Accounts settings Turn on “Allow Secure apps” and try the workflow.


Dear ,

i think you should check your gmail account setting in this case because it should work fine in the above attached file , however please check what is allowed in your account setting !

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Thanks @Deepika_B. It worked!!

@alialroomi Thanks buddy it is working now.

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@Jay_Kumar Mark my reply as solution👍

good for you :slight_smile:

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