String Comparison

Hello Team,
Help me out in solving below scenario

  1. read a PDF File and store text in a variable ( did this step with read PDF activity )
  2. Take values from a web page
  3. Compare whether values took from web page present in PDF or not ?
    Step 1 and 2 are done , i am unable to validate because my values are stored in variables.

Hi @bhaavan

You can do something like this

if(PDFVariable.Contains(variable ValueFromWeb))
     do your stuff
    do your stuff



Hello @PrankurJoshi ,
Thank you for your time.
I tried using above solution but tool is displaying error message.

Please have a look on the below snippet .
I guess if u will remove blank space it will work.

Please revert if you face any further issue.


Hello @md.ahtesham,
When i am directly giving variable name , it is searching for that variable name , but we need to search for value inside variable.

Maybe i am not able to get you…

If you carefully check my screenshot … PDFText1 which contains value Hello is checking in PDFText Variable.


Thank you @md.ahtesham , now able compare successfully

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