How to read sub columns in Excel?

I want to read sub column current and new in Location.

can you explain more about your ques?
What I understood: you want a datatable whose column names will be “Current” and “New”
If so , then use read range activity and start position as A3 , then use a filter datatable to keep only these two columns “Current” and “New”

Hi, Excel Activities does not support merged columns.

If this is a standard template, you can define the Range for each entity as configurable (Location - A3:Bxx and Item_DisbC - C3:Dxx etc )

Heres a sequence that turns your table to a single-row header, so you can process it normally e.g. the first column will be called “Loc-Location-Current”, 2nd column “Loc-Location-New” and so on…
Sequence.xaml (28.6 KB)


when you use the sequence, you have to change the excel path and sheet names accordingly

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Unfortunately can’t change the column names

Based on the Item name i need to read current and New Location

you are not changing any column names in the excel… only the datatable VARIABLE so that you can read and reference it,

With the new datatable variable you can easily read the current and new location using Loc-Location-Current and Loc-Location-New.

Nothing changes in your excel its still the same old format. In my previous post i simply wrote the new datatable to an excel to make it clearer but nothing changes in your original excel

thanks for help

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