How to read only specific columns in an excel


I have an excel sheet with columns A,B,C,D,E
where i want to read only B,D,E columns using read range activity so that i can reduce time taken to read the excel,

how can i do this?

Please help me with this.



Multiple ways to do it:

Either read column by column using Read Range and then merge or join later. ( Get number of rows to dynamically do it)
OR Read the entire excel and user Filter Datatable activity to use selective output
OR Use LINQ to filter data after reading the entire DT


You can use read range activity to read each column you need as well

Eg: If you give range as B:B it reads whole of B column till the data is present

Join would work only if common columns are there…and I dont think there are any…apart from that merge also will not add rows side by side…so if you dont need to merge then the best way would be to leave them as is in different tables and use row index to identify the rows needed

or else we can go with adding the column needed and then use linq or for loop to add the data from one table to another

Hope this helps


Hi @praveena.nadi

To read only columns B, D, and E from the Excel sheet, you can use the following expression in the “Range” property field of the Read Range activity:


This specifies that only columns B, D, and E should be read.