How to read queue max retry count during bot execution?


I am using RE framwork,
in config.xlsx file MaxRetryNumber = 0
I am using queue for processing. I have set Max retry = 2 for the queue.
is there any way to read the count “2” during bot execution?

reason for this:
after completing each transaction item, I am writing excel report. if system exception happens for any record, I want to write report only at the last retry time of that record. I do not want to hard code this “2”, because in future, the retry count may change. How to achieve this?


TransactionItem (queueitem type) have RetryNo property.
You can get the retry value → TransactionItem.RetryNo

Here you can find all properties of the transaction item: QueueItem Variables

TransactionItem.RetryNo will give what is the current retry number. but not the max retry number I believe.

say, Max retry is set to 2

First execution TransactionItem.RetryNo = 0
second time TransactionItem.RetryNo = 1
Third time TransactionItem.RetryNo = 2

Got it.

There is http endpoint that you can use to get queue info: ​/odata​/QueueDefinitions

But it would be easier to create asset to store that number.

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