How to read PDF having 2 or pages of tables with Document Understanding

Hello community,
How can i read #pdf of 2 or more pages of #tables using #documents $understanding?
I want to output the results to csv.
Thanks for your help.


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Please find the link below on how to extract the data from pdf using document understanding.

Hope this helps.

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@suraj.setty thank you for the help. This tutorial and deals with only a one page pdf. The scenario ibam dealing with has a pdf with tables spanning over 2 pages

Thank you.


Can you please help to share the PDF file.

Hello @suraj.setty,
Please find attached a sample as I am unable to share the actual file due to security constraints.
Thank you for the help.


Please use “Intelligent Form Extractor” and Create a template

And for your table values created in taxonomy , extract the values and train the document by clicking “Insert row Below” and you can add the rows spanning to multiple pages too.

Please find the attached screenshot for refernce.

Hello @suraj.setty ,
I appreciate the help. Unfortunately, i am using community edition at the moment and Intelligent Form extractor can only handle one page. Do you any other suggestions for me on the way forward?

Thank you.


Maybe you can Split the Pages in the PDF using the Extract PDF Page Range and then pass each page of the PDF as a Document to be Extracted.

At the end you may receive multiple data in Excel which you should later be able to combine if that’s necessary.

Or you Could Request for Enterprise Trial, which should then be able to help you in Extracting multiple page tables

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Is that possible to request for an Enterprise Trial and continue to extract PDF documents with multiple pages.

Hi @suraj.setty ,
I will explore that option. You have been helpful to me. Thank you.

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