Create data table for every sheet


I have an excel with multiple number of sheets. I want to read the excel and store the data of every sheet into different datatable. The name of datatable should be in sequence.
I want this to be done in for each loop. I am using for each loop for every sheet but when i use read range to read I am not able to create datatable with the sheetname.

For example : I have Excel.xlsx with 3 sheets namely 2014,performance,result.
I want three datatable with names dt1,dt2,dt3.

@AditiGandhi I don’t think we can create a Dynamic Datatable based on the number of Sheets, We can reuse one Datatable but not Create another Datatable

Have you Tried using List Of Datatable where you can add the Datatable after you read each Sheet, and I think you might be able to Access it using ListVar(0) as DT1, ListVar(1) as DT2 and so on

I haven’t tried it, But i think it’s possible :sweat_smile:

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I couldn’t create the name as Dt1,dt2,dt3 etc . But Kept as Dynamic .Excel_SHeet_perDT.xaml (16.7 KB) Sample.xlsx (9.0 KB)