Excel 2 different sheet in same excel

How to use two for each row in same excel with two different sheets

@vishal22landge - First “Get worksheet sheets” inside excel app scope…

then loop through sheet list and perform the operations…

But how two data table perform Simalteniously in for each row and get data from both sheet one by one

??? Or Sequentially ?? please let us know your complete requirement …

I want get data from first sheet and other data from second sheet using same excel but, I am facing issue for each row how use loop because of when loop goes into second for each row then this for each row excute whole data but, I want first sheet data and second sheet data use one by one

Main.xaml (10.2 KB)

Hi @vishal22landge

you can try while loop, please check the above workflow for logic

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suppose second for each row(sheet2) i read row(2) sequentially i want to read Frist For each(Sheet1)

Hi @vishal22landge

Did u tried my logic which I had sent?


Merge the data table using merge data table activity and then use one for each on merged data.

Below is the link for reference.