How to read invoice number from PDF without opening any pdf files

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How to read invoice number from multiple PDF’s without opening (PDF file). Attached the flow and pdf files. Please help me in this.

I am able to read and write but every time PDF is opening, and I do not want to open any PDF file (It should read from backend/background).

Can we read invoice without opening it?. Is there any activity available?. (195.5 KB) Main.xaml (30.1 KB) ScrapedInvoiceData.xlsx (7.1 KB)


Use Read PDF file activity to read PDF data . It won’t open file and will give you output as string. And then apply string manipulation functions or regular expressions to read required data from PDF invoice.

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Can you please suggest, how to do it. Attached workflow in the first post and above is the screenshot how I was done it.

Link for another similar question

This is the same question but no answer was given. Someone please help me.

Hi @sachinsm
Please find the attached xaml .

please install the below package
Read_Invoice_10_Oct.xaml (7.2 KB)

hope this will solve your issue
Happy programming :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Ashley11, thanks for the reply. I am able to read the pdf file but not able to write it in excel file.

Attached Project here. Please help me to read invoices and update to excel. ReadPDFs.7z (51.6 KB)


I am having trouble accomplishing this. Is there anyway you can share your flow?


Hi Guys,

I have completed PDF to excel writing. Thanks for the help. Attached the flow and data. ReadPDFs.7z (518.3 KB)

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