How to read the a value from PDF?

I want to read values of from invoice number till last field,and store these values in a excel where the column headers are invoice number, customer name, customer address etc. I have tried using screen scraaping, scrape relative, get text, get ocr text,…but still when i execute- adobe application, 2. start the process select the file name 3. screen scraping -i have given a message box to display the value i m not getting the value of invouce number and for other fields. Please help me. Please check my code. Text_Invoice.xaml (90.6 KB)

@Susanna_Thomas u can try string manipulation instead of ocr activity if all pdfs u use are of same format.


If the text from the pdf file is selectable, then use read pdf text activity and that will give you the whole text in string variable, then use substring or other string fuctions to get the desired data.


Hi @Susanna_Thomas,

Can you try with screen scraping using ocr,If it’s coming then take the which ocr the data is working fine
you can proceed

Hi VarunK,

I have used screen scrapped using get text google OCR, but few letters it is not recognized. Which one is better google OCR or Microsoft OCR?

Hi Madhuraj,

Thanks for the reply. I have tried using substring and it is working.

Hi @Susanna_Thomas,

For words you can use google ocr for numbers use microsoft ocr
Then increase scale & check