Extracting data from Excel Column

Dear All

Can everyone give me some suggestions of what activities/ code I should use for building the following robot?

This robot need to extract specific highlighted data from a seed sheet to output sheet in accordance with the same highlighted color.

My problem is that how I can extract data from two column in a seed sheet and paste these data to one specific column in output sheet.

For example, as highlighted in green color and blue color , how can I extract the green highlighted data “1 (mg)” and blue highlighted data “2(mg)” in seed sheet and paste to cell E2 and E3 in output sheet, this extraction of data is based on one “worksheet No” that highlighted in pink.

Besides, in column G, how can I make calculation (E2/F2) horizontally ?

In column H, how can I find a average based on (G2:G3) for one worksheet no.?

Thanks all for helping me! Coz I am a freshman using UiPath!
ask for help.xlsx (33.1 KB)