Data scrapping not working as the fileds are not clear/highlighted

Hi everyone,
I want to scrap a page which will write to the excel sheet. The issue is I am not able to scrap some fields as some fields are not highlighted. Is there any way by which my bot will identify all the text field ? Thank in advance hoomans :slight_smile:

if you can share any screenshot it will help us solve ur problem.

Hi @simadri
From where you want to scrape the data, i mean from any website or from where?

hi this is internal site provided by my company . The issue is it is highlighting all the left side values but not the right side values. For example “CSAP ID” it is scrapping ,but not the value as the value is not highlighted .attaching the screenshot
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Use FullText and you will get all the data available on that page and then by the help of Regex or String Manipulation you can get the specific item from that String, try on this way and let me know its working or not…!!


Can you do copy text on the application?
If yes, there can be a few alternatives and helpful tools to help you out in a better way instead of FullText Scrapping!!!

ya I am getting the all the values now . How to write those values to excel application as it will not accept the string format . can you please help me in this ?

Here you need to do some string manipulations.

  • Read the text file
  • split that text file using String split() method and store into an String variable
  • Use ForEach
  • Inside the ForEach use Regex to get the specific item and it automatically store all the data into an
    Enumerable variable
  • Again use another ForEach activity and pass the Enumerable var
  • Use Write Cell activity to write the data into an Excel Sheet

NOTE : I didn’t know it will work or not but, i think it will work


1- Build a DataTable
2- Read the data from that Text file and manipulate(String Manipulation) the lines and add them to
the Data Row.
3- Then use Write Range activity to write the data from the DataTable to Excel