How to read entire Row values if we give Particular column value

In image If I give “Id” value , it should Fetch all the corresponding data.
I have Used Dictionary and collection. I am new to Uipath Please Help me.

Hello Dharma,

Please see the answer to this, it is essentially the same thing just with a single condition instead of a compounded one. You would specifically be checking whether Row("Id").ToString = "1562" in that case.

Hi @tejach412,
you can try in below way:
yourListVar= (From row in yourExcelReadDataTable.AsEnumerable() Select Convert.Tostring(row(“Id”))).ToList()

it will return you a list with all the values from column “Id”

Hello Deepak,
Thanks for reply, My problem is id i give Id ex:1562, It should fetch that entire row data like last name ,Gender, country,First name,Data.

Use Yourdatatable.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(x) CStr(x("ColumnName")).ToString.Trim.Equals("Value")) this will give you entire row.


There is another way …
Create on seachIdVariable and assign any id value to it. Ex.1536

Create on datatable newDataTable and assign as below:[Id],System.string)=‘“+seachIdVariable+”’).copyToDatatabale.

This will fetch all the the column values based on the searchIdProvided .

From sample below, you can get entire row as object array, and can be show in text.

  1. Read Range : “excel file” to DataTable Object as name = dt_Sample
  2. Assign : dr_Sample = dt_Sample.Select(“Id = ‘1513’”)
    3 .Log Message : " Found Match DataRow(" + dr_Sample.Length.ToString + “) : First Row(” + String.Join("; ",dr_Sample(0).ItemArray) + ")" (13.2 KB)