Condition with equal and other condition

I am new to UiPath. I am trying to have a condition where cost centre equals to ‘123456’ and also the Sub-Dept equals to Dept.
Under Activities ‘If’, I have input the condition as: cint(CostCentre).Equals(“123456”) and row(“Sub-Dept”).ToString.ToUpper = row2(“Dept”).toString.ToUpper

I have gotten error : Compiler errors encountered processing expression “cint(CostCentre).Equals(“123456”) and row(“Sub-Dept”).ToString.ToUpper = row2(“Dept”).toString.ToUpper”.
Value of type ‘System.Data.Data.Table’ cannot be converted to ‘integer’

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I’m totally confused with the which variable belongs to which data type. Looking at the error you have some datatable you are refering to it as a string in the code. I will make some assumptions & give you some details:


  • You have a DataTable with Cost Centre , Sub-Dept, Dept as Columns (with the same exact coumn names). This is in a variable named CompanyDetailsDt
  • Data in Cost Centre , Sub-Dept, Dept as Columns both are in string format (if they are not it better to treat them as string. Bcos a cost center can have the number 002. if you consider this as integer we will land into trouble)


  • Use a for each row activity to loop though CompanyDetailsDt
  • In the IF Condition write: row("Cost Centre").ToString.Equals("123456") and row(“Sub-Dept”).ToString.ToUpper = row2(“Dept”).toString.ToUpper

Hope this helps. Kudos :slight_smile:


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