How to read CSV without delimiters?


I need to read a CSV file that do not contain delimiters. The information is shown as if it was an Excel file.

What can I do?

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CSV by definition is comma-separated, if your file does not contain visible delimiters, is it possibly a tab-separated or a fixed-length text file?

What does this mean?
In case the file contains sensitive info, can you please show a sample using dummy data?

Sure, the point is that the data is separated by columns not by symbols. It is shown like this:



I try to use read csv activity but i must select a delimiter.

If your file has extension .csv then Excel by default assigns itself as the program to open it.
Open your .csv file in a text editor by right-clicking and using Open With…

It should show you the symbols/delimiter character.

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Ok now I get it. Thanks!

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Can you try Tab at delimiter property of Read CSV as the following image?

Or you can also use space or any character as delimiter using Read Text File and Generate DataTable as the following.


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