Read CSV activity with out knowing the delimiter type

Hi All,

I have an requirement where in I need to download a csv file and read that to datatable, problem is we’re not sure of the delimiter in CSV file it can be any. So if we’re not able to put proper delimiter in that read CSV acitivity like if we defaultly “Comma” as delimiter sometimes the datatable can be normal but sometimes it can be in a single column.

So how can we handle this even if I don’t know what’s the delimiter is to have the datatable normally all the time.

Hi @Yeswanth_Ganjam To solve your problem first we need to get delimiter from file. Then we can get data according to delimiter


How can we get the delimiter of the file through UiPath?

can you send me csv file. any file I want to apply steps for validation @Yeswanth_Ganjam

It seems we can’t attach a CSV file here, I tried to upload but it’s not allowing saying invalid extension. But you can easily create a sample csv file.

@Yeswanth_Ganjam ok let me check


please read you will get clue how we can get delimiter