How to read column in excel sheet by specifying the Column instead of ColumnName

Hi, i’m trying to read a single column from an excel sheet. but instead of reading using the header, I want uipath to read it by reading column D instead of using the header name.

I got an error when i’m trying to specify the column that I want. I’m not sure how should I type in the Column field to make uipath know what column I want it to read. How do I go about this?


Please set the ColumnIndex as “3” (the index start from 0)


Thank you, it worked!
But may i know what is the difference between Column and ColumnIndex? If you could read a header name by specifying the name of the header in ColumnName, and specifying the index of the column in ColumnIndex. Then, what is the use of Column field for? I’m genuinely curious about it.

Hi @harizd,

As you can see, we should pass a DataColumn object to Column. So if you want to use this property, please pass table_name.Columns(3), it works the same as ColumnIndex .

Such as


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