How to read an excel file, then write the content of excel file to an email Message body

dear all,

i meet a problem, now i have an excel file, then i want to read the content of excel file, write this datatable to email message body, how could i achieve this function?

anybody could give me a hand? thanks a lot in advance.

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@chrisjiyiwei If the Table Data is not complex and if you just want the table to be put in the mail body irrespective of any Styles, You can do so by using this Activity below which converts the Datatable into Html Table, which you can then Input as the Mail Body With IsHtmlBody Set to True.

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hey, could you give me a demo flowchart?

@chrisjiyiwei Check this Workflow :
Main.xaml (7.5 KB)

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Package.

This is just an outline. It doesn’t produce output. After you provide the right input values, it should give you the Output you need.

which package should i install?