How to put the results in body of the outlook

I have an excel file and I want to put the results in the body of the outlook.

If Counts is 0, then no need to put it in the body. If there’s a count, then i’ll have to put the Court name and the count.



Hi All,

AL_Briefs - 1

Thank you

Hi @prititit

After read the excel with read range (it will store in datatable variable is dtTable)

Then in assign

dtTable = dtTable.asenumerable.where(function(d) d(“counts”).tostring = “1”). copytodatatable

It will only have count value 1

After that use this package to send datatable to email,there is an activity called convert to html


Can you see an attachment that will pull excel data to body of email?
you need to modify some changes per your requirement

_Test.xaml (14.3 KB)