How to publish and deploy UiPath Project on Production Server?

I have installed UiPath Community Edition. So I have got UiPath Studio wherein I have a created a project. I have published it and got message that package has been published in C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages. It is .nupkg extension file.
My Queries are:

  1. How can I deploy this file on a Production Server?
  2. Where I can find UiPath Robot which is been used for deployment? And how to use it to deploy .nupkg file?
  3. Does Community version license also applies for UiPath Robot? Or is it separately installed?
  4. What are minimum software and hardware requirements for Production Server?

Hi @abskulkarni

  1. Please check this topic:
    How to Install UiPath Orchestrator as community edition

  2. UiRobot.exe can be found in %localappdata%\UiPath\app-17.1.6414
    First you have to provision the robot to orchestrator.
    Then, to connect the robot: on the Robot machine, do the following:
    -In the system tray, click the UiPath Robot icon. The UiPath Robot window is displayed.
    -Click Settings. The Settings window is displayed.
    -Type the Robot key from orchestrator and the server URL(
    -Click Connect. The Robot is now deployed to Orchestrator and its status changed to Available.
    After all these steps, if you publish the project, the Info dialog box is displayed and copies the project to the NuGet location set in the NuGetServerUrl parameter, in the UiPath.settings file.

  3. When it’s not connected to the server. If you connect the robot to orchestrator, every time you add
    a new robot a license is consumed. This is reflected in the Settings page, in the License tab.

  4. Since the Community edition has no server integration, you don’t need minimum requirements to access for testing purposes)

Please let me know if this helps.


Helo @ovi

What should i do if i do not have any Orchestrator?

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hey, have you find a solution for this?

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I was facing a similar issue and this article kind of points to the solution

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