How to print webpage from Chrome to 'Searchable' PDF file without additional libraries/printers

In current project I’m using Ctrl+p option to print PDF. Selectors in window with print settings is not visible and is not so efficient and fast. I’m looking something faster and more stable. There is option to use Adobe PDF but output pdf is no searchable.

Hi @JacekK

When you mention use Adobe PDF are you talking about the browser extension which allows you to save web pages as PDFs?


Or do you simply mean the Save as PDF function within the print menu.


Please could you elaborate on the “output pdf is not searchable” issue. If you are using Chrome, you can turn off automatic downloads and it will prompt you every time for a download folder including the name to save the PDF as, or you could set the default download folder to a specific folder. Also include the name of the Browser you are using.

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Hi @Che!
Thanks for replay!
I’m using Chrome. By clicking Ctrl+p I’m using “not automation friendly” Chrome printing window setting. On first screen you have extension from IE, yes?
Microsoft Print to PDF also not print searchable PDF.
Right now I’m using save as PDF from Chrome printing window setting:

Searchable PDF is file where you are able marked and copy text or search any phrase in file


Yes the screenshot I provided was from IE.

If you are trying to automate the window that pops up with CTRL + P, the window works with Active Accessibility UiFramework.

I think I understand what you mean now, you are saving web pages as PDFs then searching the PDFs for certain text? In that case, after saving the PDFs, you can use the PDF Activities from UiPath.PDF.Activities package to extract the text and search within the text.


Another way you could do this is save the webpage as HTML and then convert the HTML to plaintext string, and search the string that way.


Or if the data you are searching for is structured, you could try using the Data Scraping Wizard.

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