How to Print colors in data table cell in outlook mail

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I want to Know How we Can add The Colors in the Cells of the Data table in Outlook Mail Using HTML Body.


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You can add styles to td elements inside your HTML table.

    <td style="background-color:#00FF00;">Yeşil hücre</td>
    <td style="background-color:#0000FF;">Mavi hücre</td>


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Hi @muhammedyuzuak

I have RGB values but this code is not working on that.

Hi @Vipin_Kashyap , this is working.

Hi @Manzar.Ali,
Thanks, you answered my question but I have RGB values when I use that values in the code it is not working. So how do I use the value of RGB in that

Try background-color:rgb(255, 0, 0); where the 255 / 0 /0 are your individual RGB numbers.

Example: "<table><tr><td style=background-color:rgb(255,0,0);>Test Number</td><td style=background-color:rgb(0,255,0);>abcde</td></tr></table>"



this is working thank you.

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