Add Font color while sending Outlook mail

Hi All,

I want to send mail where the table has a few font color. I have used for adding color to HTML Table and using IsHTML in send outlook mail but i am not able to get the font color when an email is sent.

is there any alternative way to achieve this?

Tejaswini H R

Did you add css Styles?? yes i have used CSS Style

Can you show the html code which you are passing?

TableCellcolor.html (1.0 KB)

Yeah ok . here 90 and 95 are in red color. which else do you required.

for the range between 90 to 99 it should be red and if its 100 its green.
HTML code is alone is working but when i pass the same code in body of send outlook activity with IsHTML as true i dont get the colors

Outlook and Gmail doesn’t support script.
Hence, the color formatting are not supported.

Tejaswini H R