How to preserve Format while copying from an excel file

Buddy can i have that excel file buddy
would like to check the format of the column “PACE_Closure_Date”
an image if possible
Cheers @sujoy_mukherjee

Sorry buddy as it contains other department’s data also and I am within company network it will not be possible for me to share the file.
However here is a snapshot of the format of date column:Snap

See if this helps.

Also if I right click on the column and click on Format Cells and then click on Date it shows like this:

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Fine buddy
Thats more than enough

that error occurred because of the format mismatch in the filterdatatable value buddy

so in the value session of filterdatatable. mention like this buddy

Cheers @sujoy_mukherjee


Great buddy
It is working and the text file is created :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks a lot buddy @Palaniyappan

Cheers buddy @sujoy_mukherjee
Keep going

hi Buddy @Palaniyappan,
Continuing on the same now what I am trying to do is read data from an excel file, filter and write data to another excel file.
Now here is the flow:

  1. Read Data (Excel Application Scope)
  2. Filter Data Table
  3. Build Data Table (build a new data table which will take only few columns from the original excel file, not all the columns)
  4. Use a For Each Row loop to add a data row in a new data table
  5. Write to a new Excel file
    Here is the xaml file:
    Main.xaml (24.0 KB)

It is throwing error -
Source: Add Data Row
Message: Object Reference not set to an instance of an Object
Exception type: System.NullReferenceException

I think that this error is coming from Build Data Table activity. In Build Data Table Activity when I need to select the type of Pace_Closure_Date, I have selected String earlier and then now I selected DateTime. Still it is showing the error.

Can you please point out where am I doing wrong?

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hi buddy @Palaniyappan,

Have you seen my last post?

Could you please tell me why I am facing this exception?

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which one buddy @sujoy_mukherjee

The last one

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