Capturing format of excel while creating a new excel from old one


Please let me know how to capture the format of excel workbook… I tried creating one single excel document by capturing the data from multiple excel

Not 100% sure what you mean here? If you are talking about the formatting of the Excel workbook then this is not possible with UiPath - formatting would need to be done either using templates, macros or custom activities.

If you just want to read excel files then follow this tutorial

you could get the excel format by referring to the file’s extension (xlsx, xls, xlsb etc) - if this is what you mean…


I will give the exact scenario: I got 3 excels which has cells being formatted ( like Integer , percentage )… I automate copying the details from these 3 excels into single excel… I was successful in copying , but the formats aren’t the same… the contents are copied as General.

Please let me know if we can copy the content with its format intact.

you could write a CELL formula with ui path in another column: ie.
=CELL(“format”, A1)
it will return a different letter for each format (P = percenatge, D= date, G = text etc.)
otherwise just try to get the type of the value using uipath’s .NET programming


I want to set format to Column using Uipath

Is there still no pre-implemented way of doing this?

Have you tried checking the checkbox “PreserveFormat(slower)” in the UiPath.Excel.Activities.ExcelReadRange properties window?


Check for any errors in formatting though. I was using this today and when I had a long dollar figure in a column (ex: $1,279,424.00) if the column width was too narrow in Excel (where it displays like ######## until you widen the column in Excel) it was actually copying over the ######## into my DataTable instead of the dollar amount!