How to Play a sound (wav file)

This is not really a question or spam, but answers other questions I cannot reply to in this forum… I noticed that there is no information on how to play a simple sound file in UiPath, so I built really a basic method to play any .wav file (works with a dialog box message box, otherwise the robot closes itself before the sound plays). The screenshot shows the arguments, which is all OOTB types, and no extra software needed, just a sound file!

This could easily be ported into an Activity with the filename as an argument to pass, something I have not bothered to do.


Hi @johnkonkal

I removed the automated flag. It was flagged because you uploaded too many links as a new user (which were in fact screenshots hosted on the forum itself, kind of silly).

I reverted your previous post as it contained valid complain :slight_smile:


Thanks, I reworded the post anyway. :slight_smile:



This dont work for me, can u give me some example?

Thanks !

Main.xaml (5.8 KB)

I have attached an example that plays a standard windows media sound file.


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