How to get information about the audio timing?

Hey, guys.
I need to help get information about the audio timing.



As shown in the screen below. The files are in a Windows folder.

Thanks for the tips.

You can use getText Activity and take the selector for Name and Length table data.
Everything will come into a string and do string manipulations.
Please use following selector for folder size in getText activty.
increase automationId value in a loop and it will start detecting next folder size.

Hope my inputs are useful.

Thanks for your help and tip.

I researched and a great solution that served me was this one (FileMetaDataReader), follow the link with the example: UiPath Marketplace | Error

Yes this is useful, but dependent. If version of the component change then it may need to upgrade or it will fail.

What i suggested will not depend on any version changes and it will not fail.
However, you find your solution…
All the best!

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