How to Perform XML Conversion & Extract Data From a XML

Hi there,

I’m now facing some constraint in converting my data in XML file into data table in order to view via excel application. I have successfully read in my XML data but I’m not able to paste it out the data well in my excel file.
I was about to paste out my data column by column as per attachment below.
Sample Sheet - CSR.xlsx (9.6 KB)
I have extracted plenty of data such as cust_name, id_type, id_number, gender and etc from my excel file and I was about to paste out the file as per attachment above. Could you please give me some advice or example to carry out this task?
I’ll provide part of my xml script here but I couldn’t send out my original file as it’s under confidential data.

*such data I extract from each node.

I appreciate any reply from you. Thanks in advance.


Hi, can you pls refer to this topic