Read text file XML and pass it to excel

20100346631-01-F003-00004336.xml (9.5 KB) IterateXml.xaml (14.0 KB) project.json (955 Bytes)

a method to pass this data from the xml file to excel
is there any way? And if you can only pass specific data?

thank you very much in advance

Your file is not opening, can you zip the project.json file and share @borismh?

And I hope you are using deserialize XML to get the required values and then writing them to excel. If you are doing that, then it will be ok

@HareeshMR (3.6 KB)

if I used to deserialize but I don’t know how to pass it to excel, or have a command just to select certain values
Thanks in advance

If you are getting a set of data which is relatively same, you can add them to the array or to the collections or simply the write cell activities with dynamic range @borismh . Or if you get the data in the form of rows (I mean, the data to be added in a single row of excel) go for build data table. :slight_smile:


And how do I do that, excuse me?

Can you explain what is the data you want to get from the XML clearly @borismh? So that I can build you the workflow for your reference


ds:Signature = β€œβ€
cbc:UBLVersionID = β€œβ€
cbc:CustomizationID = β€œβ€
cbc:ProfileID = β€œβ€
cbc:ID = β€œβ€
cbc:IssueDate = β€œβ€
cbc:IssueTime = β€œβ€
cbc:DueDate = β€œβ€
cbc:InvoiceTypeCode = β€œβ€

those are some, but there is no term to extract the data, and only change the name to obtain information
Thanks in advance

Lot of work to do @borismh :smiley:

Can you just try deserialize activity and pass it to for each activity so that you can get the parts of XML?

From those, you will get the required easily, and you will easily understand

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that is deserialized and has the β€œfor each”
, but after doing that, what do I put to pass it to excel

You can use write cell activity within excel application scope to write the data, or else you can add that to a data table and then you can write to excel @borismh

Please let me know if it is confusing :slight_smile:

Hi @borismh - If you have .xml file then you can directly import the data in excel using Excel only.
It can directly convert the xml data in Table and it is very helpful feature.
Here is the option available to do that.
You can also check this link as well.

Hope it helps.