Extract XML dataset into datatable

I am trying to extract the XML dataset and convert into multiple datatables, after deserializing the XML, itereated in for each loop for each dataset but facing some issue, can anyone please helpme on this or please share me the steps to do that. I have attached the sample xml file in this.

test.xml (2.6 KB)

@loginerror @Anthony_Humphries @Palaniyappan
Could you guys please look into this.

@Raju23c - have you tried below go component? XML Conversion Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

if not - pls check…

Yes, i have tried this @GBK . but the output i am getting is not proper. The XML has multiple nodes and multiple tables, like around 50+ tables and all in different size and structures and i am getting only node names in XML to DatatTable activity, but i need to extract the values in each rows.

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