How to perform sum of numbers in the pdf

No Details qty total amount
datadescription s/n 12345

12345 data1 1 1000

datadescription S/N 10002

12346 data2 1 1200
12347 data3 1 1300
12348 data4 1 1400

These are the data available in the pdf page need to extract the data,and write in to excel that i did using regular expression ,but how can i provide calculation ?,in
below data description S/N 10002 total values provided as 1200,1300,1400 need to add those three values before writing in to excel. How can i perform that calculation.

Hello @Chippy_Kolot
Convert the results into integer and you can Sum it
just try this concept
Assign - Sample=12347 data3 1 1300
print message Box
CINT(Split(Sample," ").LAST().ToString)+1

output will be 1301

Hello @Chippy_Kolot Lets say the below one is your regex output,Ref attached workflow (3.2 KB)


You can apply another regex to get the Amount values then loop through each individual value to get the final sum




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(\b\d{4}\b) this regex will give you only four digits and output will be collection

for concat use for each cint(item.tostring)