Compare two CSV/Excel File

Hi all,
I’m new uipath user.
I need to know if exist a way to compare 2 csv/excel files.
I have two file:
1.In the first file I have 1 sheet for month with many rows. Here i need to calculate sum of each sheet.
2.In the second file I have 1 sheet with many many rows with month indication ( the sheet include all rows of all sheet of the first file). Here I need to know the sum value for month.
3. At last, I need to compare sum with single sheet in first file with sum for month in the second file.

Can I do it with uipath? And How?

Sorry for my little english.

Thank you,

Yes you can do it using UiPath.

  1. Read the excel file → Using Write cell, write formula into the cell to calculate the sum. You can use for loop if number of rows are not fixed and are dynamic
  2. Similarly, read the excel file into a DataTable and use DataTable.Select() to fetch the rows corresponding to the month and perform the necessary operations