How to paste data in excel file

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I have a daily report to paste the data in this excel file like below and tomorrow if have to continue to paste the data right after today’s data. I tried to find the last row but it didn’t seem to read column name “Created”. I guess since it’s not in the first row. Any idea how to paste the data from this blank template and continuously adding the data afterwards?

this is where I have to continue the data after. The data amount is dynamic, so I can’t really use the fixed row number.

@bryant.macciano Hi. Try Read Range workbook with header unchecked to datatable. Assign Rownumber = datatable.RowCount+1 and write range any datatable with Cell value “A”+Rownumber.ToString(). Hope this helps.

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hi @bryant.macciano ,

Sharing a below video - see if it helps

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thanks a lot! it helps!

this is great! it works! thansk a lot

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