Excel Copy

I have two excel,

->I read data from excel 1 and paste the info into excel 2 from the last row of excel2 , Problem is this is already has data like this

I want data copied from excel one to start from this 1313 row(eg), i.e last row WITH column B.

I got the data using read range and write range till row 1313 , but how to get it in our required column?


Multiple ways

  1. Try using append range
  2. Read the data from second excel and use dt.Rowcount to know the number of rows and use read range with cell as "B" + (dt.Rowcount+1).ToString - assuming data or headers start from A1 else ass the number accordingly instead of 1
  3. In modern excel ypu can use Excel.Sheet("SheetName").Rowcount to get the number of rows

Try any of these

Hope this helps


I tried append range but it says

Append Range: Cannot write to the target range because it has hidden rows. Remove any filters or unhide rows and try again.

I wonder it is because data is in a table ? Can you help


Is that a table?

And are you using modern append range?

Modern append range can append to a table as well…you can provide the tablename


It is a table…

No Classic activites…


Then try the second approach only to read and then write range eith count