How to pass Variable into Selectors

Hi, @Palaniyappan @lakshman @vvaidya

I am not able to pass a variable into the Selectors. Kindly suggest some solution for this issue. I tried all ways from the forum.

The Selector is
<aaname=‘Item Receipt: * (Hospital Supplies)’/>

I want to change the dynamic selector for Hospitals Supplies. So the Variable Name is VendorName.ToString

Expected Output:

<aaname=‘Item Receipt: * (’“+VendorName.ToString+”‘)’/>

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Hi, Try this->
“<aaname=‘Item Receipt: * (’”+VendorName.ToString+“’)’/>”

I tried this way also. I am not able to click with this selector.

Try with a star after also.
“<aaname=‘Item Receipt: * (’”+VendorName.ToString+“*’)’/>”

The 1st Star is for wildcard. It’s changing dynamically in some part.

Have a look at the below thread @Kalees9486


Kindly try with what @HareeshMR suggested
It’s one if feature that helps us to create variable in selector itself
Cheers @Kalees9486


Yeah Got Solution .

Thank you. @Palaniyappan @HareeshMR


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