Passing a variabe to selector

Hi, I want to pass variable to selector for “pdd case id:1234 task id:7856-new” so here case id will always change so i want to make it dynamic by passing a variable can anyone please tell me how to solve this?

Hi @Deepti_Kadam

Variable for Id - strId

“pdd case id:1234 task id:"+strid+"-new”



Please refer the below thread it will guide you to input variable dynamically to selectors.

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@prasath_S I have tried the way but its not working actually

@Deepti_Kadam can you please your selector?



Assign your variable to selector like below. if you right click on the where you want to replace the static value i twill ask to map it with the existing variable. Please refer the below sample screenshot for reference. please try and let us know. thanks.

Tried this but selector is not getting validated.


it will not validate and highlight it will throw error since we are assigning dynamic variable to selector. runtime it will work fine. please try.

you need to set a default value to the variable representing the value of your validation case. Then you can validate the dynamic selector with {{myVarName}} approach.