Problem while passing variable into Selectors

I have problem on this,I am passing variable to selectors as given below,

it will automatically changing into below one

It’s not working.
Kindly help me

Hi @Bakia_Murugesan,

Don’t open & edit in selector just you can click the selector in properties there only you can change

This is an raw selector:

modified would be:

hope this would be of help


This s My selectors .It’s not recognising

can u share your flow?

It is confedential

before adding the variable into the selector drag a message box add type row(0).ToString
and check if you get any output. Then you can import the same in the selector.

hello @Bakia_Murugesan

instead of editing the selector in the property panel, you can just edit the whole selector by using an assignment activity and store the edited selector into a string variable. Then u can pass that variable into the target property.


Hi @Bakia_Murugesan

The dynamic selector will work while running the code. Check what is the value you are getting in row(0).toString. If it is not working in run time then please trim the row(0).toString.Trim which will trim the text.

Make sure that the row(0).tostring value is present on the Website.


Thank you for ur support.
Now its working

Now i got the solution . I am also using this method.
Thank you