How to pass secure string value from one process to another in same project

how to pass or use secure string(credential) which i am taking from Orchestrator and storing in my main workflow to another process(xaml file) in same project?

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Use Type Secure text Activity and pass that value from orchestrator.

i did that

You can convert it to a normal string.
Check Convert SecureString to String - Get Secured Credential


Then what error are you facing ?

Use Get Credentials Activity to read the credentials from orchestrator.

If you want to communicate between two workflows then we have to create Arguments and specify corresponding direction.

i have main workflow where i am calling another process, i need to pass secure string from main to sub process which is taken from orchestrator.

in Type secure text activity , string is coming empty in sub process.

i tried this one also.
created arguments in main workflow and passed to another workflow using out direction.


Could you please show me screenshot of Arguments in both parent and it’s sub process.

This is my main WF where i am calling Sub WF.


This a Sub WF where i need password to be reflected from main WF.


Go to Edit Arguments of the SharePoint xaml file and show me screenshot of it.



It looks everything correct only.

That’s what i want know, if everything is correct then why this is not working,
If anything else you know which we can try?


Share the workflow with me and once I reached home and will check it and let you know.

@lakshman Sorry Couldn’t replied i have added one more get credential activity to get asset from orchestrator and this is working.


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