How to pass dynamic range in autofill range activity

Hii Team,

How to pass dynamic range in autofill range activity, by passing the variables how can i get autofill columns
Please help me to slove this issue


You can mention it with variables
From where you are getting the input
Being here the range as input we need to get it either from Get Table range, Get selected range

Cheers @nagasneha

Thank You @Palaniyappan, but i don’t know the range of input excel right?
for example i have excel with 10 rows at that time i pass the range here my task is to pass the dynamic range in a particular coloumn.


in that case we can read the excel with excel activities and get the number of rows with this expression


This gives the count of rows in the excel apart from header
Being apart form header add +2 to the count of rows and mention that in range as a string