Read range dynamic

Any idea how to make range dynamic?

  • like in write range i have to pass range but that is static what if i want to pass dynamic range.

Use variables that are dynamically populated then use these in your write range parameters.

right @ronanpeter

  • can you guide me for that like how to populate dynamic variable and how to call in write range activity ?

Which aspects are dynamic? The sheet name? The Starting Cell? The datatable to use?

starting cell

–if we want to go for dynamic range we can use VARIABLEs using assign activity like this
based on the need, as it is just a string we can mention the value between double quotes with a colon in between two cell positions like “A1:B10”

and mention that string variable in the RANGE property of READ RANGE

or simply we can mention as “” to get all the rows with data

Cheers @Mayur_Pawar

right @Palaniyappan

  • as you said it just a string but in my case initially let say range is “A1:A10” but if i run code again so the whatever data i got that should be reflect on range “B1:B10” and so on

we can pass this variable from orchestrator as a PARAMETER so that the IN argument in our workflow can be used as input string to range property in read range activity
Cheers @Mayur_Pawar

no i didn’t get it @Palaniyappan

  • dynamic range i want to use in write range not in read range.
  • can you elaborate bit.

Fine buddy when is that dynamic range decided
well is it like before the process runs or have we stored them in any array
or should be based on the excel data

Cheers @Mayur_Pawar

based on excel data @Palaniyappan

can i have an example

Sure @Palaniyappan

  • let say i have master file in that i want to append data using write range activity (Dynamic range)
  • i will insert column in master data let say my copied data will append on range “A1:A10” initially
  • again for second time i will run that process but data should be append on next range like “B1:B10”
  • again ill run process data should be append on “C1:C10” like that.
  • the range should be dynamic not static

so for each time when you are running you are changing the range as you need right…
as we make changes as per our need then we can pass the values like a parameter from robot tray or from orchestrator

will that be possible


How ?

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yah with this

Cheers @Mayur_Pawar

About Input and Output Parameters

We have exposed the In and Out arguments you are already used to in Studio, as a way to seamlessly integrate the tools you use, such as various DCMs or BPMs. This means that any process you create can now receive input parameters through the…

except this any other option like using assign value and than will increment that according process running ?

if we are running the same process again and again in a loop with a single run then that is possible else if we are running in batch one after the another after some time then this would be more easier

Cheers @Mayur_Pawar

Hi @Mayur_Pawar,

U can do one thing once you have data from excel read it into datatable and again whatever data you have append into the existing datatable using Add DataColumn Activity, once you are done with the data then write it into the excel by write range activity

for this i want @Palaniyappan

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