How to pass data table output from one sequence to another sequence?


I am learning Invoke Workflow Concept.

I am trying to use the output of Data table from one sequence to another. But I am not getting the desired output data table in second sequence.

Also I am little bit confused on Invoke workflow works.

Any demo /example would help me to understand and solve my issues. (4.8 KB)

Here is a workflow with three .xaml files.

“Get Data Table.xaml” creates a data table with a few rows of names and ages.
“Print Data Table.xaml” prints the data table it is given to the output.

“Main.xaml” gets the data table from “Get Data Table.xaml” as an Out argument, and then passes it into “Print Data Table.xaml” as an In argument.

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here is something that i have to explain it to you

About the activity:



Thank you! let me check on this!